Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day: Date Night Dresses

In shades of pink, red, cream, and black nothing says sexy valentine like sheer, lace, cut-outs. These sassy numbers are perfect whether your on a date for two or attending "I hate V-day party". And if you don't have any plans for V-day, WHO CARES, buy one anyways.... THEY'RE HOT!

Sexy Lingerie Numbers Coming Soon.

Roll With the Plunges Strapless Wine Red DressMaurie & Eve Madison Floral DressPeek A Boo Bodycon Dress Red
Rare Chiffon Skater Dress With Pearl Back

Lavonne Floral Lace Dress Black  Leather Collar

Nerissa Sequin Waistband Bandeau Dress In BurgundyPhillipa Sequin Waistband Bandeau Maxi Black WHite
Ruby Cut Out V-Tank Skater DressLulu*s Sunning Side Up Strapless Coral DressRosetta Lace Cut Out Dress

Rosetta Lace Cut Out Dress $47

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Not willing to spend $200 on a pair of jeans? No worries because Else Jeans are the jeans for you! The are a Macy’s exclusive brand that are made and designed by Joe Jeans. The come in a variety of different patterns, prints, colors and finishes. Most of all they are affordable. At regular price they retail around $70-$80 BUT because Macy’s always places items on sale, you can get them for $50, even cheaper if you use a coupon with your Macy’s card. These jeans are perfect. Their comfortable and fit well. Their especially great for those who want to partake in fades (Like coated jeans) but don’t want to spend a pretty penny for something that they can’t wear  next season. Take a look,  I bet you’ll like what you see.
Else Jeans
Else Skinny Jeans Red-Wash; MalbecDeep Port, True Red, Cerise
Else Jeans
Else Skinny Jeans Georgia Peach $30 Orig. $68, Sulphur Spring $30 Orig. $68, Deep Teal $30 Orig. $68
Else Jeans
Else Skinny Jeans Blue-Wash: River $30 Orig. $70, Seaport $30 Orig $68, Ice Green $68
Else Jeans
Else Skinny Jeans: Silver Metal $32 Orig. $78, Copper/Gold $78, Silver Brocade $78, Pink Metal $32 Orig. $78
Else Jeans Prints
Else Skinny Jeans: Midnight Vines $78, Romance Pink Print $29 Orig. 78, Laser Bali $32 Orig. $78, Bronze Snake $49 Orig. 78
Else Jeans Black, Dark Denim, Light Denim, White
Else Skinny Jeans: Ever $68,  Eliza $68, Val $68, Champagne $49 Orig. $68