If you are looking for a sophisticated website to read about high fashion luxury couture, you've come to the wrong place because this blog is anything but. We aint Lady Gaga. WildSociety is a safe haven for those who want to know what is happening in fashion right now.  For all the girls out there who wish they could read Vogue but find themselves getting bored-we're here for you.  WildSociety is dedicated to all the women with high heels and high standards....but who occasionally trade those heels in for flats so they can dance on tables, and who occasionally lower their standards just a tad bit after a round of vodka shots.  Welcome. You can expect great things :)

Who We Be


Alexis and Allison are recent college graduates (Go Cougs!) and best friends doing the long distance thing from the Seattle and Portland areas respectively.  Our passions include:  leather, glitter, mermaids, animal prints, Jimmy John's, great music, vodka, art, and all things fashion related. We are all about designers who lower the price, but never the expectation.  

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