FASHION'S NIGHT OUT: P TOWN STYLE (or lack there of)

The neon lights of Pioneer Square in downtown Portland

As every big name in fashion prepped, preened, styled,and yes BLOGGED their way through Fashion's Night Out in New York this past week, Portland Oregon celebrated their own FNO September 6th ....and in typical Portland fashion, there wasn't much fashion to look at.  The party took place this last Thursday and was scheduled to begin at 6 pm....I threw on some red skinnys, a thrifted black leather jacket, baby powdered my hair and arrived fashionably (haha, I die) late to red square at around 7 ish ....just in time to see them dismantle the stage where the main runway shows took place.  I called Alexis in a panic and spewed out over the phone that I had screwed up my super professional coverage of the most important part of the evening, the local designers and their respective runway collections, but Lex was super understanding and comforted me with "Bitch, you blew it."  Right.  I shrugged it off and set off to track down my co-workers who swore to me that they were looking Instagram worthy in some outfits circa Sex and The City 2005.  I thought if all else fails I can at least gather photographic evidence of what Portlanders can look like when they set their minds to it. While in hot pursuit of my pals, I meandered into several of the downtown stores that were participating in the night's festivities, eager to salvage my participation in FNO with some trendy viewings at Nordstrom, Mercantile, and BCBG.  My dreams were dashed when I realized, after stepping foot into these locations, that the best I could hope for would be loud techno music and sparkling water.  Lame.  Anyways I will conclude this post with this sentence which best sums up my experience at this falls Portland's Fashion Night Out:  I went and all I got were these lousy pics.  Enjoy!  

Street style ya ya ya. In Portlands' ubiquitous sea of hipsters, these leather shorts are akin to wearing a scuba suit to a christmas party

P-towns finest. Bling blingin her way through life

And now, the comments?  LAY IT ON ME

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