Gettin' Sippy With It

Being that we are two gal pals who spent our college careers in the tiny town of Pullman, Washingon (a city that is sometimes fondly referred to as "America's Asshole") it is safe for you all to assume we drank our fair share of alcohol.  You would be very safe in assuming that.  Because we did.  And like so many college students we danced on many a table, experienced the Walk of Shame, ate one too many hot dogs, lost all our belongings, found some of them again, made best friends with strangers over night, and got in pointless fights over pop tarts.  In fact our very own friendship was formed and solidified over adult beverages, as the photographic evidence below demonstrates:
Class class class.

But we treasure the tales of drunken debauchery that came from nights such as this, as silly as that may sound. We hope this will be a spot for us to impart our drinking words of wisdom, the occasional regrets that inevitably stem from nights of excess, but mostly just funny snippets from our lives that we hope you can relate to and laugh (with us) at. :) 


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