Saturday, August 25, 2012

Deux Lux: Empire Strikes Back

Deux Lux Empire Clutch Red
Deux Lux Empire Clutch $115

Deux Lux has revitalized and revamped its Empire line in their Fall 2012 collection. With an array of new colors and body styles, this clutch is edgy, versatile, and the perfect weapon if any one pisses you off while put on the town.  Or just cuts you in line at the Redbox.   The new hues for this fall are bigger, brighter and better. Personally we're partial to the siren RED but the current line also comes in Black, Charcoal, Putty, and Teal.   
Deux Lux Empire Clutch

Call us OCD about color, (shit at least you call us), but we are beyond thrilled that Deux Lux has tweaked the shade of their taupe/off-white bag. Last season's "ecru"color (right) looked well enough online but in person it looked like a clutch on crack with a case of Jaundice. To sum it up, the yellowish tint turned  us off. BUTTTTT this season the color "putty" (left) satisfies our neutral color needs. This color is more of a rich taupe which gives added depth to the gold spikes. 
Deux Lux Empire

Deux Lux Empire Hobo $180

Lastly, we feel the need to make our feelings known about the changes inflicted upon the hobo bag. Unlike last season's bag, it appears the studs on this season's bag only outline the outer seams. Even with less studs the price remains the same at $180.  BRING THE FULL STUDDED HOBO BACK!


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