Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trick or Treat


Halloween is a big deal and when it comes to adorning your body for the festivities you only have two choices: have an ironic, funny costume as a conversation starter or full on slutt-ay.  Below are a collection of our favorite choices.  If none of these costumes do it for you, or get your creative juices flowing to think of ideas better then what these halloween costume designers came up with..... here are a few additional proposals for you to consider:  go naked and paint your body with every color of the rainbow and be a rainbow, go naked and paint your body green and be a ninja turtle, go naked and paint your body yellowish orange and be a number 2 pencil. Or just go naked and see if anybody asks you what you dressed up as (before you get arrested.) 

Rockin' Red DevilWildcat CostumeGalactic Beauty
Wildcat $39
Playful Pinup SailorPilgrim Fantasy

Dooby Doo costumeMystery Solver CostumeMystery Studies Costume
Sexy Mad Hatter Costume
Batman $79 


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